Bob Vortix
Character Bob Vortix

Island:Principal Island
Appears in:LBA

Bob Vortix is an astronomer that lives in the topmost house of Old Burg, Principal Island. He is under house arrest, but he seems to know a lot of what is going on nevertheless.

To get to his house, Twinsen must seek the help of several citizens of Old Burg. But they will not help him until he proves he is not working for Dr. FunFrock by killing a clone. When Bob helps Twinsen with the information that "The Legend", must be a key in FunFrock's weakness, and telling him to see the fisherman in Port-Belooga, that will now agree to take Twinsen to some of the other islands.

When asked about LeBorgne, he will mention that the fisherman had told him that Wadbull sells an object related to LeBorgne at the Old Burg Bazaar.


Meeting Vortix will note Port-Belooga on the Holomap and also will trigger Twinsen's new greeting line: Good day, this talk about the Legend is strange, don't you think?

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