Chez Luc
Chez Luc LBA Exterior
Chez Luc LBA2 outside

Located in:Lupin-Burg
Island:Citadel Island

Appears in:LBA and LBA2

Chez Luc is a bar in Lupin-Burg, Citadel Island. In LBA, it's attended by a Rabibunny bartender. During that time the clones had confiscated the key to the cellar.

When Twinsen comes in later (after having the Book of Bù), a green Groboclone and one of FunFrock's men are closing the bar down. When Twinsen defeats the clone, he gets the key to the cellar from him. The bartender offers Twinsen whatever he finds there (a clover box and two clovers).

In LBA2 it's attended by its owner, Luc and a waiter, Tim.


Digger Rabbibunny
This Rabbibunny is seen going in and out the tavern and going up to the roof. He occasionally reveals some kashes from one of the pots. When asked about Zoe, he tells Twinses to go ask inside.
Grobo customer
This Grobo is sitting at the upper level, in the furthest right seat. When asked by Twinsen about Zoe, he asks to buy him a drink in order to tell Twinsen where the Groboclones took her. He has seen them at the Citadel Island Harbor and he was surprised as they were not taking her to the Citadel like the other prisoners.
Illiterate Grobo customer
A Grobo who wears sailor's clothes. He gives Twinsen a hint on how to read posters but he is illiterate himself.
Asked about LeBorgne, he tells Twinsen to ask his colleague working at the warehouse.
Female Rabbibunny customer
She is standing on the upper level. Tim fancies her and presents drinks to her with some acrobatics.
Drunken Rabbibunny
He is injured with his arm and head in bandages. He is sitting during the storm at the start of LBA2 and is calling for Tim all the time. He has been in the cellar by himself and tells Twinsen about it.
Female Quetch and Sphero
Two girlfriends sitting at the upper level during the storm. They find the visit of the Esmers strange. The Quetch wants some music, and once Twinsen operates the juke-box, she comes down and dances.


  • Chez is a French expression meaning "to/at someone's place" also used for institutions such as shops or bars. Compare with the English expressions "Luc's", "At Luc's", "Luc's Bar", to which "Chez Luc" actually translates.
  • The upper level of the tavern is decorated with paintings (which actually seem like scanned pencil drawings) of some characters and insects or monsters. Such figures don't appear in the game. One can only speculate that they were doodles/concept art by the designer's team, and made their way into the game as a tribute or in-joke.