Character Dark Monk

FunFrock, disguised as Dark Monk

Dark Monk is the god of Zeelich. Dark Monk's Prophecy tells his story.


Kard N'kom, the youngest son of the light was sent by the Divine Brotherhood to the newly created Zeelich, but fumes emanating from the Great Sulfur Mine disfigured him. Beeing forced to cover his face and never again appear in front of the noble assembly, Kard N'kom's name was erased from the divine law, and became Dark Monk.

When Zeelich was transformed, Dark Monk preached the peace between the species and, using a key, formed a volcano which erupted and sculpted in basalt a gigantic statue in his image, holding the Stone Book of the 10,000 Names. Before desapearing, Dark Monk broke his key in 4 fragments and revealed the prophecy.

FunFrock's PlanEdit

After escaping Twinsun, FunFrock reached Zeelich, where he made an arrangement with the Emperor, and disguised himself as Dark Monk, with the plan of destroying Twinsun by collapsing its moon against it.

The real Dark MonkEdit

It is possible that it is the real Dark Monk who communicates with Twinsen after he reaches for the Fragment of the Wannies in the mine. In that moment, something makes Twinsen drop the fragment, and a deep male voice is heard saying "Easy, Twinsen, be careful. It's not the time to break this precious fragment!!". As there is no one else in the room, it might be possible that it is Dark Monk himself, who pronounces this words.