Character Dino-Fly

Island:Tipett Island
Appears in:LBA, LBA2

Dino-Fly is a dinosaur-like, flying creature that helps Twinsen move between islands by carrying him on his back. He wears a harness to make this task easier.

Despite he appears to be one of a kind (and a legendary creature no less), all the characters refer to "Dino-Fly" as a species' name: "a Dino-Fly" and "my Dino-Fly".

Little Big AdventureEdit

Before meeting Twinsen, the dino-fly is roosting on top of Tipett Island. He says he has been waiting for the heir (Twinsen) for centuries. From then on, he helps Twinsen get to the other islands of the northern hemisphere of Twinsun.

Possible DestinationsEdit

Little Big Adventure 2Edit

At the beginning of the story in LBA2, he is struck by lighting, and falls near Twinsen's house. After Twinsen heals him with the Horn of the Blue Triton, Dino-Fly helps Twinsen transport between the islands of Twinsun, including the Island of the Dome of the Slate, that is inaccessible with any other type of transport.

Possible DestinationsEdit

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