Emperor of Zeelich
Character High Emperor

Occupation:Emperor of Zeelich
Appears in:LBA2

The High Emperor is the ruler of Zeelich during the events of LBA2 and the secondary antagonist of LBA2. He has installed a dictatorship, and uses force to make people obey. He has a big army and controls almost all Zeelich, but has more control in the surface.

He wasn't always the ruler of Zeelich. When he met a stranger that had landed on Zeelich, he made an arrangement, so that the strager would pass himself as Dark Monk, and using people's beliefs in the prophecy, they manipulated Zeelich's population and installed themselves in the power. The stranger turned out to be FunFrock.

When Twinsen meets him in Island CX, the emperor explains all his plan. After that, Twinsen kills him, and in hist last breath, he activates the device built in Emerald Moon. Also, when he dies, he leaves the key to a chest in his seat, which contains his sword.