Fortress Island's Fortress

Fortress Island (actually a peninsula of Polar Island) is the island that holds FunFrock's Secret Fortress. It is heavily guarded by soldiers, Clones and Tanks.

Characters[edit | edit source]

A pair of Rabibunnies is living in several hut on a small peninsula of the island.

Rabibunny #1
When this Rabibunny sees Twinsen, he tells him that he must go to the Teleportation Center and disable it so that he can dig a way to the Fortress (Holomap update).
When Twinsen returns successful, he greets Twinsen and asks him to neutralize the Quetch Clones and the tank to infiltrate the facility.
Rabibunny #2
A poor Rabibunny is seen digging and looking for food. He enjoys hearing FunFrock's angry voice whenever Twinsen makes his life difficult.
When asked about the Teleportation Center, he asks Twinsen if the Dino-Fly is edible.
After Twinsen destroys the Center, he congratulates Twinsen and is happy that the telepods aren't working any more.

Transportation[edit | edit source]

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