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The Francos are a sausage-like race (with all due respects) living on an island which is particularly vulnerable to gas monsters. On their main island, Island of the Francos, they produce GazoGem in the GazoGem Refinery from the gems mined in the under-gas. They are also the bulk of Zeelichian workforce, employed as technicians, attendants, policemen, guards, soldiers in the Emperor's army and even taxi drivers throughout the planet.

Plaque in the Temple of Dark Monk[edit | edit source]

Franco representative. The Francos live on the island of the Francos, (what a surprise!), which is enshrouded by the gas swarming with monsters. The Francos refine the gems extracted in the under-gas, and turn them into gazogem, usable by all the vehicles of Zeelich.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In the French version, they're called Knarta, inspired by the Knacki sausages which are a line of pre-made Frankfurters (a German-origin alternative name for hot-dogs) of Herta Foods brand.[1] In fact, magazine previews in English of LBA 2 still called the Francos "Knartas" before the final product was released. The English version is a reference to "Franks" a style of sausage.

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