Headquarters Outside

FunFrock's headquarters is a big, fortified building in Principal Island. It's the place where Dr. FunFrock directs his operations, and it seems to be of a great importance, since it is heavily guarded by a tank, a turret, and lots of clones. The building also counts with 2 prison cells with little windows that face to the exterior of the building.

Much later, Twinsen has to infiltrate the building to get the plans of the Teleportation Center. The building can only be accessed having the Red Magnetic Card and the Elves Club Blue Card to open the electronic doors, and the fourth level of power to defeat the supergro at the door.

Once inside, Twinsen frees the prisoners, and also has a face-to-face encounter with Dr. FunFrock just before he teleports away laughing. He seeks the plans in a safe, but he finds only a note from the architect that was working on the plans. However he also finds and takes the Magic Saber.


There are two prisoners in the cells, who are visible from the exterior of the building, and Twinsen can talk to them through the cell windows. He can meet them in person later.

Grobo prisoner
He is held there for sneezing in public. He tells him about the rabibunny forger held prisoner seen at the other cell windows. When Twinsen frees him, he says that he didn't have to, as he had stolen a key from the guard, and handles it to Twinsen.
Rabibunny prisoner
He will tell him to seek his brother in Proxima Island and say the word "Amos" in order to get a fake Red Magnetic Card. When Twinsen comes to rescue him, he says that he discovered a passage being already there.
He can be seen later at his brother's house. He says that he will stop this job and now create fake LeBorgne maps.


In some cases, there can be a bug that makes the door to the headquarters take the key that the supergro drops, but it doesn't open. Generally, reading the Book of Bù makes the door open.


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