Item Gems

Gems are mined by the wannies in the gem mine on the Island of the Wannies, and are used by the Francos in the GazoGem Refinery on the Island of the Francos to make the Gazogem. Gems can also be used to pay the Ferryman who charges four gems for a trip.

Twinsen can find gems in the mine on the Island of the Wannies or scattered across the land on the other two under-gas islands.

There are

  • 8 gems in the Wannies' mine
  • 5 on the Island of the Mosquibees on the surface; 1 more is in the cave across the bridge hidden in the W corner of the main clearing
  • 6 on the Island of the volcano (including 1 in the hideout cave)
  • 1 is given one-time by an injured Wannie at Ferryman's Lane at the Island of the Wannies as a reward for healing her. She spawns there after the Emperor's attack on the Mosquibees.

After being spent, the gems respawn at their original locations.

Inventory DescriptionEdit

"The gems are commonly used by the Francos to produce gazogem. But you can use it to pay for the ferryman's services."

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