Hacienda del Monte-Pelado
Hacienda del Monte Pelado
Island:Desert Island
Appears in:LBA2

Hacienda del Monte-Pelado is an recreative establishment in Desert Island, owned by a grobo. The hacienda is divided in three different areas: a bar, a patio and the saunas. There's a ladder behind the bar leading to the roof, where there's a telescope aiming to a little island, and an old wiseman enchanting a snake. To access the roof, Twinsen has to enter the female sauna, and when the owner leaves the bar to kick him out, he can access the ladder. The hacienda is used by the Esmers to invite wizards to Zeelich and has a secret passage to the secret base they built under the Bald Mountain.


  • "Hacienda del Monte-Pelado" means "Bald-Mountain Estate" in Spanish.
  • If Twinsen hits the basket of the snake of the wiseman, it will fall to the floor and free the snake.