Island Hamalayi

The Hamalayi Mountains are a chain of mountains that runs along all the equator of Twinsun. It's the coldest part of the planet, and it's covered in snow.

In LBA Twinsen must cross through the Hamalayi Mountains to get to the North Hemisphere. To do this, he must seek help from the rebels in Rebellion Island.


Rabibunny rebel
When Twinsen first arrives to the Hamalayi, he finds this Rebel alone. He tells Twinsen that the Rebels attempt to reconnect the two hemispheres and also to rescue Colonel Kroptman. He invites Twinsen to their cause and tells him he needs a Pirate Flag in order to join them.
If Twinsen talks to him while having the pirate flag, he tells Twinsen to attach it to his Catamaran to be allowed to the Rebellion Island.
Twinsen can talk to him again when arriving with the Rebel forces. He gives Twinsen hints, like waiting for his partner, and destroy the radar.
After the rescue of Colonel Kroptman, the rebel greets Twinsen as a hero.
When asked about the Teleportation Center plans, the rebel will tell Twinsen that now that contact has been established with the northern hemisphere, he can try asking in Funky-Town.
If Twinsen talks to him again later (after having the Architect's ID), the commando tells Twinsen to carry on since his quest is almost over.



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