Joe the Elf
Character Joe the elf

Island:Desert Island
Appears in:LBA, LBA2

Joe is a little magic elf, but his control over magic isn't very good, often resulting in humorous situations.

In LBA, Twinsen first meets Joe in a grotto behind a seal of Sendell in the White Leaf Desert. As a reward, Joe makes him the fourth member of the Elves Club, and gives him an Elves Club blue card. If Twinsen pours Clear Water into the Water Tower, upon exiting it, Joe appears from a telepod, saying that teleportation makes him nauseous. If asked about the plans to the Teleportation Center, he replies: "I don't know where they are, but forget it! Teleportation makes me sick!"

In LBA2, Twinsen meets Joe several times. First he finds him in the Tralü's cave. Next he finds him turned into a oyster in the cemetery of Desert Island. He can heal him with the horn of the Blue Triton and Joe will give him three clover leaves as a reward. Then he encounters him in Zeelich, when he is taken as a wizard, and when Joe says Twinsen's name, they both get imprisoned, but they both manage to escape. Finally he can be found by inspecting the shuttle that Twinsen crashed in the ridge of the flower circle in Citadel Island when he returns to Twinsun.


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