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Little Big Adventure 3: The Stellar Entity Genesis is a project for a sequel to the saga from its creators. The idea has been around for a long time, but the game is not in production yet.

After the creators recovering the copyrights for the saga, a series of events have been planned towards the eventual production of the third game. First, remakes of LBA and LBA2 will be made to test new ideas (The first remake, which consists of a mobile version of the game) has already been launched on March 16th of 2014).

Currently, the creators are working on another project: 2Dark, to be released in 2016.

These are the facts that have been released for the game:

  • The game would feature Twinsen and Zoé's son, called Arthur. He'd own a skateboard called a "leviboard" (implied to fly)
  • The sub-title is The Stellar Entity Genesis, or a-like.
  • You would be able to control more than one character (Twinsen, Zoe and Arthur)
  • All of Twinsun would be available in the game.
  • The game would at least be released on the PC
  • The game would be more realistic, but still keeping the LBA style
  • Buddhist monk-like characters would appear, including rabbibunnies and quetches (who'd have shaven their ponytail)
  • A female rabbibunny character would appear, called Rosette. She'd have a special engraved stone, in reference to the Rosetta Stone ("Pierre de Rosette" in French).

In December 15th of 2015, DotEmu released some new LBA "studies" on their facebook page, which were given to them by Didier Chamfray. They say in the post that this doesn't necessarily mean a possible LBA3 in the future though.


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