Miss Bloop's Private Museum
Miss Bloop Museum

Located in:Lupin-Burg
Island:Citadel Island
Owner:Miss Bloop

Appears in:LBA2

Miss Bloop's Private Museum is a museum dedicated to Twinsen, founded by Miss Bloop. It's in Lupin-Burg, Citadel Island. The price of admission is 15 Kashes.

In LBA2, Twinsen must retrieve the Ancestral Tunic and Sendell's Medallion, but Miss Bloop tells him that the door to the control room is jammed, so he has to find a way to retrieve it.

There's a protrait of a grobo in Miss Bloop's office that has a safe behind. Twinsen can get to its contents.

Objects exhibitedEdit


  • Miss Bloop
  • A Grobo counter-clerk with a simple mind. Sometimes he don't recognize Miss Bloop. He doesn't recognize Twinsen either, and asks him an admission fee.
  • A Quetch visitor. He thinks that Twinsen looks curiously similar to the person in the portrait.


  • The portrait of Twinsen in the exhibition resembles the famous Da Vinci's painting, Mona Lisa