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Mrs. Brune's Daughter

Planet: Twinsun
Island: Citadel Island
Species: Rabibunny
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student
Family: Mrs. Brune (mother)
Umbrella Thief (brother)
Appears in: LBA2

The Rabibunny kid is a little girl with an unknown name, and daughter of Mrs. Brune. Before the storm, when all the kids are inside the school, when Twinsen talks to her she could either talk about skipping or insult him. Upon insulting him, Twinsen has the option of hitting her. If he does this the kid will start to cry and say "My brother's going to hear about this!". When Twinsen walks out of the door, her older brother (the Umbrella Thief) will be there and persistently hit Twinsen, decreasing one of his clovers.

After the storm she can be found out side in the flower ring with the rest of the class. They will be singing about Sendell and FunFrock, and if Twinsen talks to her temperately, she will sing about FunFrock being the best, then correct herself, but under her breath she repeats that FunFrock was awesome.