Mutants are monsters created in the mutant factory of the Hamalayi mountains. They are used by FunFrock's regime to get rid of the remaining inhabitants of the north hemisphere of Twinsun. What's more, he uses the presence of mutants in that hemisphere as an excuse for evacuating it, but a lot of people still remain hidden in Tipett Island.

The rabibunny village is constantly harrassed by mutants. For this reason, they offer Twinsen to open the Door of the Sacred Carrot if he destroys the mutant factory. Twinsen then disables the factory by killing the green eggs that he finds there. From then on, the mutants are stopped from being manufactured, but a lot of them still remain in the Northern Hemisphere. Twinsen encounters some more mutants in Tipett Island.

There is no mention of mutants in LBA2.

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