Old Wiseman
Character Old Wiseman

Island:Desert Island
Appears in:LBA, LBA2

The old wiseman is an old rabibunny found in Desert Island.

In LBA, the wiseman sits under the tree next to the entrance of the Temple of Bù, playing his guitar. He tells Twinsen about the Book of Bù, and how to get it. When Twinsen brings it to him, the wiseman recognises that Twinsen is none other than the Heir. He mentions the Well of Sendell and how FunFrock desecrated it, endagering the world. He tells Twinsen to go to his house to find a message from his ancestors for its location (Holomap update).

Later, he exchanges Twinsen's Magic Flute for his Space Guitar, to realize an old dream of his, to make flowers bloom in the desert.

In LBA2, the wiseman is sitting on the roof of the hacienda, enchanting a snake, and he plays a smaller role in this adventure. He can tell Twinsen the location of the School of Magic as well as the whereabouts of twinsunian wizards.


  • The flute the wiseman is using to enchant the snake in LBA2, is the magic flute Twinsen traded him for the space guitar in LBA.
  • In LBA2, Twinsen can hit the snake's basket, which falls to the sand, freeing the snake.


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