Character Raph

Raph is a Rabibunny that lives in Citadel Island. He is the lighthouse keeper, and the younger brother of the pharmacist of Lupin-Burg. He has a band with his friends, Pat and Fab and he likes to hang out at Chez Luc. He has a girlfriend, who hangs out with him at the lighthouse.

Little Big Adventure 2Edit

Raph goes to practice on his guitar to the cliffs, and is kidnapped by the Tralü who eats his guitar, and takes him to his cave for "rabibunny-melba". When Twinsen looks for him to open the lighthouse, he finds only his girlfriend, who gives him a hint about jumping over the rocks.

If Twinsen hasn't taken his gear, Raph tells him to take it and become their hero again, and Miss Bloop's Private Museum opens in the Holomap.

Twinsen frees him, making him available to open the lighthouse for Bersimon to clear the storm.


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