School of Magic

The School of Magic is a school that trains wizards in Desert Island. It's location is a secret, unknown to the majority of the inhabitants, very few know its location behind the cemetery.

The inscription fee for the school is 120 Kashes. Its rector is a cheerfull and wise rabibunny, and his assistant is another rabibunny named Bunny. He will gladly guide anyone assisting to the school through the three tests anyone must complete to become a wizard. Every time a student completes a task, he or she is rewarded with an item, and the wizard's diploma and wizard's parade tunic once all of them are completed.

Twinsen, looking to cure the Dino-Fly, has to become a wizard and complete all the tests. After that, he gets a diploma, but has to find Chedil Amiradoo to get the parade tunic.

The three testsEdit

A student can complete the three tasks in any order.

Blowgun TestEdit

The student has to enter a room near where the rector is, and stand in the center of it. Once there a number of moving targets will appear, and the student has to hit all of them in a limited amount of time. Once completed, the student recieves a blowgun.

Test of the BalsamEdit

To complete this test, the student has to find a balsam, which is a rare plant that grows in the White Leaf Desert. After completing the test, the student recieves a Horn of the Blue Triton.

Test of the SlateEdit

The student must go to the Island of the Dome of the Slate and go through the dome. As a reward, the student recieves a magic slate.


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