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Planet: Twinsun
Island: Citadel Island
Species: Quetch
Gender: Female
Family: Twinsen (husband)
Arthur (son)
Appears in: LBA, LBA2, LBA3?

Zoé is Twinsen's girlfriend. In LBA, she is captured by two Grobo clones shortly after Twinsen escapes from the asylum. Near the end of the game, Twinsen rescues what he thinks is Zoé, but turns out to be a clone. Twinsen rescues the real Zoé at the very end of the game.

In the beginning of LBA2, Zoé is pregnant, carrying Twinsen's first son, the next one in the heir's line. At first she tends the Dino-Fly who is wounded by a lightning an tells Twinsen to seek help from the Pharmacy. When Twinsen rescues Raph, she is seen in the Tralü's Cave scolding Twinsen for seeking adventures instead of caring for the Dino-Fly (actually Twinsen can't do much for this without Raph's help) and return together to their home.

In the ending cinematic of LBA2, it can be seen that the baby has been born.